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Monday, September 26, 2016

Nahed Hatter Assassinated because he said the Right Word. "This is God ... This is his party."

The Great Jordanian Christian writer and journalist Nahed Hatter assassinated today because he said the right word. This is one of his articles.

“This is God … This is his party.”

My religion is humanity.  My brothers are those who challenge the policy of repression in this world, who say no for subservience to imperialism.
Today, the regime in Jordan, which is complicit with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement, assassinated one of the intellects of the Arabic world, one of those who said “no” to the extremist gangs in the world.  “No” on accepting the wahhabi mentality to control secular Syria, and to control other parts of our region, step by step.
Today, the regime in Jordan martyred freedom of speech, martyred the fight against takfiri terrorists, martyred the love of Syria and of the resistance.
Today, the regime in Jordan martyred Jordanian author and thinker, Nahed Hattar.
Journalist Nahed Hattar was arrested by Jordanian regime authorities on 13 August, under the charge of “inciting sectarian strife and insulting Islam.”  Mr. Hattar’s “crime” was that he had shared a caricature to his Facebook account, which humiliated those of “ISIS” who behead innocent people while blaspheming God.  This matter so upset the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, which has a close relationship with the “government.”  This gang demanded the arrest of Mr. Hatter, who was detained  until released under bail, 8 September, until trial.
It mocks terrorists and their concept of God and heaven.  It does not infringe God’s divinity in any way. — Nahed Hatter, after his arrest
The Islamist Brotherhood magazine sent many death threats to Mr. Hattar.  They accused this Christian man of apostasy and threatened that the day to punish such people is close.
This morning, 25 September 2016 was the date of trial, at The Palace of Justice in Amman.  This court is supposed to be a secured place, surrounded by security guards and military police.
Nahed Hattar assassinated outside Jordan Supreme Court
Martyr Nahed Hattar bleeding to death at the steps of Wahhabi Jordan Supreme Court
The Wahhabi takfiri killer, with his full Wahhabi look, the same look as “ISIS fighters,” was waiting for Nahed Hattar.  Yet neither his appearance nor his weapons caught the attention of the Jordanian security surrounding the Palace of Justice. 
Jordanian security must have been all tying their shoelaces when the assassin appeared
Jordanian security must have been simultaneously tying their shoelaces when the assassin appeared
The killer shot four bullets to Nahed’s brain — yes, his brain was his guilt — and three bullets to his body.
The guilt of Nahed was his brain, this brain who was trying to awaken people around the world to stand against terrorist islamist gangs, and to stand with Syria, the beating heart of the Arab world.

This writer’s guilt was his love to the resistance movement in Lebanon, and to the Syrian President Bashar al Assad — our leader who does not shake the hands of Zionists.
I am shy that I defend Damascus only by my pen.  I am shy that I am not there to sacrifice my blood for Damascus, against the barbaric.  I am shy that I am not a martyr as those brave soldiers in Syria.  My weapon is my words to defend Damascus.  — Nahed Hattar

Now, he is a martyr; a martyr of truth.

It was not the caricature cartoon against the perverse ISIS “god” that caused his murder; this was a ridiculous pretext to silence this man for good.  This great intellect of the Christian faith was not insulting Islam.  He was revealing the anti-Islam takfiri mentality of Saudi Wahhabism, the takfiri mentality of the Muslim Brotherhood, condemned by the late Hafez as traitors on the payroll of the west, as haters of Islam.  He was revealing the truth against the so-called “ISIS.”
Nahed Hatter supported the Hezbollah resistance, the Islamic movement that respects all religions and defends churches as well as mosques from terrorists.  He opposed the depraved takfiri way of debasing God.  He was not against Islam. This Christian secularist writer was assassinated inside the Jordanian court for his standing against takfiri.
What guilt has Jordan:  How many ISIS do you have in your suburbs?
 Let those in the west who support the Saudis wake up.  Let those in the world wake up.

Editor’s addenda:

The offending caricature was of a Wahhabi barbarian in his imagined heaven, in bed with women, smoking and asking “god” for wine and cashew nuts.
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information has issued a statement holding the “authorities in Jordan” responsible for Mr. Hatter’s assassination:
We bear the authorities in Jordan the responsibility of the extremists assassination of writer Nahed Hatter.  We have warned in an earlier statement against the consequences of the incitement campaign launched by the Jordanian government against Hatter and the fomenting of the religious strife, in the context of escalating pace of repression against freedom of opinion and the attempt to discredit the extremist religious groups.  At this time the authorities didn’t show any care providing an adequate protection for the writer and turned a blind eye to the infidelity campaign launched against him.
al Alam today reports that Mr. Hatter was assassinated because of his positions against Saudi Arabia’s sponsorship of Wahhabi terrorism, and against American policies to destroy the region.  The article includes a previous video interview with Mr. Hatter, who survived an assassination attempt in 1998, for the same malignant reasons.
Jordan, a member of the fascist coalition of 66[6] countries engaged in the war crime of bombing the Syrian Arab Republic, has a very long history of supporting takfiri assassinations, and exporting its petty, drunken criminals such as al Zarqawi, to become “leaders” of al Qaeda. Syrian filmmaker, Moustafa al Akkad was among dozens killed in coordinated al Qaeda  bombings, November 2005.  
During the 11-12 February 2016 Munich Security Conference, Jordan’s Abdullah held behind the scenes meetings with Israel, to discuss further collaboration with Israel, regarding their attempts at a final solution against the Syrian Arab Republic.  The Jordanian regime promotes takfiri ideology, also, in permitting the existence of the Jordanian Tahrir Party, and endorsing it on “state” television.
On 10 September, His Excellency Bashar al Ja’afari, a “proud Muslim,” addressed the Schiller Institute September 11 Memorial Conference.  In his presentation, he explained that “ISIL has been there for centuries,” providing details of the crimes of Saudi promotion of wahhabist ideology and terror.

إلى روح حتّر..من مقالاته : “هذا هو الله… وهذا هو حزبه”

 اغتيال الكاتب والصحفي المسيحي الكبير الأردني ناهض حتر في الاردن اليوم لأنه قال كلمة حق. وهذه احدى مقالاته.

“هذا هو الله… وهذا هو حزبه”

ناهض حتر-

في عُنقي لكم دَينٌ يا أحبّتي ورفاقي، لأمّهاتكم، لآبائكم، لزوجاتكم، لأبنائكم، لحزبكم العظيم… حزب الله، حزب المسيح ومحمد وعلي والحسين، حزب ماركس وإنغلز ولينين، حزب ميشيل عفلق وأنطون سعادة وفهد، حزب عبد الناصر وحافظ الأسد، القلب المسلّح لحركة التحرر الوطني العربية!

دماؤكم التي سالت وتسيلُ في سوريا، لا تعوَّض، انسانياً ونضالياً؛ فأخجل لأنني لستُ شهيداً، وأخجل لأن بندقيّتي من الكلمات في خندق دمشق، ولأن حبري يسيل ـ لا دمي ـ في صدّ الحملة البربريّة على الشام، لكنّ، في دمائكم، يا رجال الله، الله/ المطلق، يا رجال المطلق، يا مقاتلي المشرق المتحضر التعددي، معنىً تاريخياً لن يفهمه ليبراليو الصهيونية ـ الوهابية؛ فالمعركة واحدة، للتحرر والعدالة والإنسانية، من مارون الراس إلى القصير إلى الجولان إلى القدس.

 في عُنقي لكم دَينٌ. وفي ضلوع وطني المهدّد بالمشاريع الصهيونية، في أزقة بلدتي السلط التي يختزن الإسرائيليون خطة احتلال جبالها، لكم دينُ المقاومة وسابقة التحرير التي أنقذت عقولنا من فوبيا إسرائيل، ووهمِ حتمية الاحتلال والركوع. في عُنقي لكم دَينٌ…

وفي عيني دموع! هل تأذنون بهذه اللحظة من الوجد؟

لي، أيضاً، قلبُ مقاتل. وقد ملأت الجراح جسدي، فما قلتُ آه.. لكنّ دموعي تفرّ شكراً لمَن يقدّمون حيواتهم الغضة، لكي يمكنني أن أكون عربياً.. ومسيحياً شيعياً سنياً علوياً درزياً اسماعيلياً علمانياً، وأعيش كما أريدُ، وعلى هواي، في أرض أجدادي،

شكراً لآبائكم، وهم يقدمون القرابين لكيلا يُذبَح أبنائي على الهوية. شكراً لإيمانكم المخضّب بالشهادة، لكي يمكنني أن أكون ماركسياً ومعارضاً وحالماً وعاشقاً وخاطئاً وعاصياً، وأموتُ، كما يحلو لي، وأنا أعانقُ داليةً سَلْطيةً تحت شمس العروبة، ولا أموت غريباً في أرضٍ باردةٍ غريبة، مهاجراً منفياً.

هذه هي الماركسية في جوهرها، حين لا تضيع بوصلة السياسة والسلاح، ولا تعرف الفوّهات سوى صدور الغزاة، امبرياليينَ وصهاينةً وتكفيريين وعثمانيين.

هذا هو الديالكتيك المشرقيّ بتمامه؛ حين يُستشهَد مؤمنٌ من أجل علماني، هذه هي القومية باكتمالها؛ حين يُستشهَد الفتية اللبنانيون الذين آمنوا وما بدّلوا تبديلاً.. تحت عَلَم الجمهورية العربية السورية. هذا هو الله… وهذا هو حزبُه.


ناهض حتر قاب قوسين: ناهض حتى رقاب قوسين

ناصر قنديل
– نقاط دمك على حروفنا كما كانت نقاط دم البراهمي وبلعيد.

– نقاط دمك ليست دماء أسالوها كدماء الأضاحي في العيد.

– دمك دين في عروقنا يجري… منك ما نالوا ولا لأن دمك العنيد.

– كما كنت تخجل من ذرف الدمع بدل الدم نحن اليوم دم الضحية.

– كما كتبت عن شهداء المقاومة الذين أتاحوا لك المنبر والحرية..

– نكتب فيك وقد أتحت لنا رؤية حالنا والجلاد حرّ ويلبس ثوب القضية.

– ناهض أنت فينا وبنا تنهض من بين ركامنا كفينيق الرواية.

– ناهض حتى يستقيم الدين، كما وصفته، ويعود إلى أسلافنا لا أسلافهم، كما كنت تقول في الحكاية… وكما تخيّلت الفرق بيننا وبينهم في وصف البداية والنهاية..

– فاجأوك أم فاجأتنا أم فاجأتهم وفاجأونا… نحن في دوار لا يُنهيه تحقيق ولا تجلوه المحاكم… ولا تغيّر فيه دموع التماسيح في عيون حاكم..

– يعلمون أنّ ما قلته في وصف رب الدواعش هو وصف الرسول المصطفى لأرباب قريش التي يصنعونها… من تمر ومتى جاعوا يأكلونها..

– كيف يستوي أن تستعير قوله ويُقتل باسمه من كتب يقول: هذا هو الله وهذا هو حزبه وحزب محمد والمسيح؟

– كيف يستوي أن نشهد موتك وهم يجرؤون على سفكه ويفاخرون بالتوقيع الصريح؟

– ناهض أنت حتى قاب قوسين من النصر..

– ناهض أنت حتى قاب قوسين من حلم العمر..

– ناهض حتى قاب قوسين من حلب..

– ناهض حتى قاب قوسين… أن تستقيم اللغة ويستقيم الأدب..

– ناهض حتى قاب قوسين من إدراكنا أنّ الحرب على الفلسفة واللغة..

– ناهض حتى قاب قوسين من وعينا أنّ الحرب بيننا وبينهم موت وحياة بالحبر والدم سواء دون مبالغة..

– ناهض حتى قاب قوسين… أن تصير بالدم المرافعة

– ناهض حتى قاب قوسين… قد صار دمك الرافعة

– ناهض حتى رقاب قوسين للنصر تعانقا

– ناهض حتى رقاب قوسين للنصر ترافقا

– ناهض حتى رقاب قوسين يصنعان نصراً برمح منطلق

– ناهض حتى رقاب قوسين يكرهان أن يصيرا طوقاً ينغلق

– ناهض حتر قاب قوسين من النصر أنت… فدعنا وإنطلق

– ناهض حتر قاب قوسين من بلوغ مدى الروح في حلب

– ناهض حتر بالحبر كتب… بالدم انكتب

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

How US Propaganda Plays in Syrian War

How US Propaganda Plays in Syrian War
EDITOR’S CHOICE | 25.09.2016

How US Propaganda Plays in Syrian War

Rick Sterling is an investigative journalist and member of Syria Solidarity Movement
Manipulation of public perception has risen to a new level with the emergence of powerful social media. Multibillion-dollar corporate giants, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, influence public perceptions, often via payments for “boosting” Facebook posts, paid promotion of Tweets, and biased results from search engines.
Marketing and advertising companies use social media to promote their clients, but so do U.S. foreign policy managers who hire or enlist these companies to influence public perceptions to support U.S. foreign policy goals.
For example, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described making sure that Twitter was primed for street protests in Iran following the 2009 election, ready to spread and manage news of protests following the election and the killing of a young woman, which was blamed on the Iranian government although the circumstances of her death were murky. [Hard Choices hardback, p 423]
The results of similar media manipulation can be seen in the widespread misunderstanding of the conflict in Syria, amid the demonization of the Syrian government and leadership and the skillful use of social media by anti-government activists. Influenced by both mainstream and this alternative media, most people in the West do not know that Bashar al-Assad remains popular with many Syrians. Nor do they realize that Assad won an election two years ago.
There were three contestants in the Syrian presidential election of June 2014. Turnout was 73 percent of the registered voters, with 88 percent voting for Assad. In Beirut, the streets were clogged with tens of thousands of Syrian refugees marching through the city to vote at the Syrian Embassy. Hundreds of Syrian citizens living in the U.S. and other Western countries flew to Syria to vote because Syrian Embassies in Washington and other Western capitals were shut down.
While Secretary of State John Kerry was condemning the Syrian election as a “farce” before it had even happened, a marketing company known as The Syria Campaign waged a campaign to block knowledge of the Syrian election. Along with demonizing President Assad, the company launched a campaign which led to Facebook censoring information about the Syrian election.
Incubating Propaganda
The Syria Campaign was created by a larger company named “Purpose,” which – according to its website – “incubated” The Syria Campaign. The company’s website says, “Purpose creates new movements, brands and organizations from the ground up to address complex global challenges. We apply this experience as movement creators to our work with progressive companies, nonprofits and philanthropies, helping them to put purpose and participation at the heart of what they do.”
Smoke billows skyward as homes and buildings are shelled in the city of Homs, Syria. June 9, 2012. (Photo from the United Nations)
Smoke billows skyward as homes and buildings are shelled in the city of Homs, Syria. June 9, 2012. (Photo from the United Nations)
The major achievement of The Syria Campaign has been the branding and promotion of the “White Helmets,” also known as “Syria Civil Defense,” which began with a British military contractor, James LeMesurier, giving some rescue training to Syrians in Turkey with funding provided by the U.S. and U.K. The group stole this name from the REAL Syria Civil Defense as documented in this recent report from Aleppo.
The “White Helmets” are marketed in the West as civilian volunteers doing rescue work. On Sept. 22, it was announced that the Right Livelihood Award , the so-called “Alternative Nobel Prize,” is being given to the U.S./U.K.-created White Helmets “for their outstanding bravery, compassion and humanitarian engagement in rescuing civilians from the destruction of the Syrian civil war.”
But the White Helmets are largely a propaganda tool promoting Western intervention against Syria. Unlike a legitimate rescue organization such as the Red Cross or Red Crescent, the “White Helmets” only work in areas controlled by the armed opposition. As shown in this video, the White Helmets pick up the bodies of individuals executed by the terrorists; they claim to be unarmed but are not; and they falsely claim to be neutral.
Many of the videos from Al Qaeda/terrorist-dominated areas of Syria have the “White Helmets” logo because the White Helmets work in alliance with these extremist groups as primarily a media marketing tool to raise public support for continuing the support to the armed opposition as well as the demonization of the Syrian government.
The Rights Livelihood press release said the White Helmets “remain outspoken in calling for an end to hostilities in the country.” But that is false, too. The White Helmets actively call for U.S./NATO military intervention through a “No Fly Zone,” which would begin with attacks upon and destruction of government anti-aircraft positions and aircraft.
A Major Act of War
Taking over the skies above another country is an act of war that would require a major U.S. military operation, according to senior American generals.
Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The New York Times reported that in 2012 General Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the White House that imposing a no-fly zone in Syria would require up to 70,000 American servicemen to destroy Syria’s antiaircraft system and then impose round-the-clock control over Syrian airspace.
General Carter Ham, former commander of the U.S. Africa Command who oversaw the aerial attacks on Libya in 2011, said on CBS News that “I worry sometimes that, when people say ‘impose a no-fly zone,’ there is this almost antiseptic view that this is an easily accomplished military task. It’s extraordinarily difficult. …
“It first entails — we should make no bones about it. It first entails killing a lot of people and destroying the Syrian air defenses and those people who are manning those systems. And then it entails destroying the Syrian air force, preferably on the ground, in the air if necessary. This is a violent combat action that results in lots of casualties and increased risk to our own personnel.”
In other words, an appeal for a “no-fly zone” is not a call for a non-violent solution. It is seeking a bloody act of war by the United States against Syria, a nation that poses no threat to America. It also would almost surely be carried out in violation of international law since a United Nations Security Council resolution would face vetoes from Russia and probably China.
Also, the White Helmets have never criticized or called for the end of funding to extremist organizations including Nusra Front, Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate. On the contrary, White Helmets are generally embedded with this organization which is defined as “terrorist” by even the U.S., which is likely why the head of the White Helmets, Raed Saleh, was denied entry to the U.S.
The foreign and marketing company origins of the White Helmets were exposed over 1½ years ago – and since then, writer Vanessa Beeley has revealed the organization in more depth in articles such as “Who Are the White Helmets?” and “War by Way of Deception.”
Despite these exposés, understanding of the White Helmets is limited, with many liberal and progressive people uncritically accepting the propaganda and misinformation about Syria. Much of the progressive media has effectively blocked or censored critical examinations amid a flood of propaganda about “barrel bombs” dropped by the “brutal dictator” and his “regime.”
In the last week, Netflix started showing a 40-minute documentary movie about the “White Helmets” that amounts to a promotional video. A substantial portion of it takes place in Turkey where we see trainees in hotel rooms making impassioned phone calls to inquire about their families in Syria.
The “family values” theme is evident throughout, a good marketing angle. The political message of the video is also clear: after a bombing attack, “It’s the Russians …. they say they are fighting ISIS but they are targeting civilians.”
The movie includes video previously promoted by the White Helmets such as the “Miracle Baby” rescue, an incident that may or may not have been staged. The video includes self-promoting proclamations such as “You are real heroes.” While no doubt there are some real rescues in the midst of war, many of the videos purporting to show the heroes at work have an unrealistic and contrived look to them as revealed here.
Tricking Progressives
“Alternative media” in the West has echoed mainstream media regarding the Syria conflict. The result is that many progressive individuals and groups are confused or worse. For example, the activist group CodePink recently issued a media release promoting the Netflix White Helmets propaganda video.
U.S.-backed Syrian
U.S.-backed Syrian “moderate” rebels smile as they prepare to behead a 12-year-old boy (left), whose severed head is held aloft triumphantly in a later part of the video. [Screenshot from the YouTube video]
The White Helmets video is produced by Grain Media and Violet Films/Ultra-Violet Consulting, which advertises itself as a marketing corporation specializing in social media management, grant writing, crowd building and campaign implementation. The only question is who paid them to produce this video.
There is growing resistance to this manipulation and deception. In response to a petition to give the Nobel Peace Prize to the White Helmets, there is a counter petition at Following the Right Livelihood Awards’ announcement, there will soon be a petition demanding retraction of the award to the White Helmets.
The story of the White Helmets is principally a “feel good” hoax to manipulate public perception about the conflict in Syria and continue the drive for “regime change.” That’s why big money was paid to “Purpose” to “incubate” The Syria Campaign to brand and promote the White Helmets using Facebook, Twitter, etc. That’s why more big money was paid to create a self-promotional documentary.
The judges at Rights Livelihood were probably influenced by the documentary since critical examination of facts around Syria is so rare. It’s a sad commentary on the media. As veteran war correspondent Stephen Kinzer recently wrote, “Coverage of the Syrian war will be remembered as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the American press.”
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A Turning Point in the US Presidential Campaign. What Happened?

A Turning Point in the US Presidential Campaign. What Happened?

DMITRY MININ | 25.09.2016 | WORLD

A Turning Point in the US Presidential Campaign. What Happened?

If Hillary Clinton’s illness had not materialized, someone would probably have had to have made one up for her. The Democratic presidential candidate’s dramatic drop in popularity just over the course of the last month has been attributed to her sudden health issues and pneumonia. Of course they’re claiming that Clinton will recover and that her extraordinary determination to keep fighting will make voters even more sympathetic to her. The biggest US media outlets are helping her spin that.
But without delving into the details of Ms. Clinton’s medical reports, if we just rewind the tape, the timeline of events looks somewhat different. The polls showing Donald Trump’s popularity across the nation quickly gaining on Hillary’s – and perhaps even surpassing hers – began to emerge in late August, back when she still seemed quite vigorous and no one was talking about her health. The tipping point in the presidential race did not materialize after Hillary’s unfortunate fainting episode, but before it. But it’s not the Democratic candidate’s health issues that are responsible for the shifting tide, but rather the strategic missteps by Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff.
The inordinate personification of the entire campaign by the Democratic camp was the initial miscalculation. Donald Trump does love to get a rise out of his audience, but – seeing him as an easy target – they focused on his persona instead of trying to attack his quite serious political platform.
In the Democratic campaign it all came down to Trump’s personality – after all he’s a racist who is unpredictable and incompetent, he gushes over America’s enemies and is himself a threat to his nation’s security, and so on. So, thus distracted, Clinton and her advisers failed to notice when her Republican challenger radically altered his behavior, suddenly metamorphosing into a level-headed and observant politician who delves deeply into every issue. In his campaign he has refused to exploit Clinton’s ill health and has stopped his aides from doing so. He now launches far fewer personal attacks on his opponent. He currently prefers to lambaste the last traces of President Obama’s dwindling popularity, making it clear that Clinton would be nothing more than «Obama Part Two».
This billionaire candidate is nothing if not wily. In the beginning, his outrageous pronouncements drew nationwide attention and mobilized the radical fringe of the population most fed up with America’s political regime. Now he’s working with politically moderate Americans. Trump speaks to audiences of widely varying ethnic and faith backgrounds, assuring his listeners that his purported hostility to minorities is pure fiction. This could be seen in Trump’s very significant visit to Mexico and his meeting with the president of that country.
In the end, he demonstrated that he can have a very friendly relationship with Mexicans (who had been portrayed as his probable first victims upon taking office), and he can negotiate successfully with them. It turns out that Trump’s much-lampooned idea of walling off the US-Mexican border is actually quite acceptable to the Mexican government, which is every bit as concerned as the US government by the criminal elements crossing back and forth across the border. The only issue is about who is going to pay to build it. But if push comes to shove, Trump will undoubtedly be able to force the Mexicans to cough up the cash. And after Trump came back from Mexico no one was mocking his wall anymore.
The Republican candidate is also actively pursuing the union vote, which had always been seen as Democratic turf. The ace up his sleeve will be his careful preparation prior to meetings with them and his ability to allude to the nuances of any particular trade. Several influential unions have already declared their support. And impressive data is coming in from places that until quite recently were seen as utterly out of reach for Trump. He holds a commanding lead in Florida, Ohio, Nevada, and even Iowa, which has swung Republican in only one of the last seven presidential campaigns.
Other serious Democratic blunders included their constant attempts to portray Trump’s goal of normal relations with Russia as a threat to America. It’s difficult to recall any other time in American history when the «subject of Russia» was so harped upon in the election campaign, as if it in some way discredited one of the candidates. The exception perhaps would be the election of 1948, when Henry Wallace, FDR’s former vice president and the leader of the Progressive Party, was labeled the «pro-Soviet» candidate. Wallace, however, won only slightly over a million votes back then, and his leftist convictions have nothing whatsoever in common with Trump’s views.
Apparently, Hillary Clinton’s staff have calculated that Russia and Putin have been so demonized in the American consciousness that linking Trump’s name to them in any way will automatically diminish the Republican candidate’s chances. But that hasn’t worked. Or only a bit.
It’s possible that Americans truly do not know much about Russia, but they are a rational people, capable of drawing conclusions. And when told that Russia is a threat to the US, they immediately ask: where? And how? And that’s a hard question to answer. For the Americans who lived through the tragedy of 9/11, the threat of domestic terrorism – or, for example, the search for a job – is infinitely more important than seeking to destroy the fictional monsters abroad that the second US president, John Quincy Adams, warned them about.
Any juxtaposition of the two countries’ strengths would quickly show that there is simply no threat to the United States emanating from Russia. Those who now specialize in demonizing Russia have clearly forgotten Abraham Lincoln’s words: «You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time». Americans for the most part would be happy to divvy up both the responsibilities and expenses with «those awful Russians,» just to wipe out the evil of terrorism that is building itself a cozy nest in the Middle East. And that’s exactly what Trump is suggesting.
Something called charisma is also working in Trump’s favor (and not in Clinton’s). Clinton is taking great pains to appear energetic and convincing, but she’s not very good at firing people up. Trump’s better at it. Polls show that 58 % of his supporters feel «extremely enthusiastic» about him, while only 46% of Clinton’s «troops» can make such a claim. And 20% of those intending to vote for Hillary are «not at all enthusiastic» about their choice vs. only 10% of Trump’s supporters who admit to feeling that way.
The Democrats have also made a tactical blunder when it comes to the independent third-party candidates who were supposed to pull votes away from Trump. Michael Bloomberg, yet another well-known billionaire, was avowing his readiness to take on this mission, only to later reconsider. It was also thought that such a role could be played by the leader of the Libertarian Party, Gary Johnson, whose outlook is a bit closer to Trump’s than Clinton’s. His ratings are fairly high – 8%, but the problem is that he could steal just as many votes from Clinton as from Trump. And the fourth and final player in the running, the Green Party nominee Jill Stein, could play a part in this political drama that will make Hillary Clinton very uncomfortable. And what is probably most offensive to the Democrats is that Jill Stein took advantage of their own campaign gambit when she chose as her running mate the only African-American still in the ranks by that late date in the campaign – an activist with the distinctive name of Ajamu Baraka. And everyone understands that Clinton has now lost one segment of President Obama’s supporters (estimated at up to 4%).
But the Democrats still have one more option up their sleeve, which some experts have been discussing from the very beginning: pulling Hillary Clinton off the ballot «for health reasons» and nominating a new candidate to be determined by the leaders of the Democratic Party. However, there is a difficulty there as well: many within the Democratic establishment are adamantly opposed to the «socialist» Bernie Sanders, and there is not enough time left to crank up the publicity machines for Vice President Joe Biden or Secretary of State John Kerry, whose names have been mentioned more often than any others in this regard. Nor would it be a simple matter to coax the former first lady, who is already envisioning herself as the mistress of the Oval Office, to quit the game.

Mr. Obama: The world was safer in the Cold War سيد أوباما: العالم كان أكثر أمناً في الحرب البادرة

Written by Nasser Kandil,

The Americans circulate in their accumulative experience with the profession of brainwashing, spreading the terminology, and propagandizing them on promoting the equation as long as they resort to it to cover their crimes. They said: after the two wars of Afghanistan and Iraq and their responsibility for killing and the displacement of millions that Afghanistan has become better without Taliban, and that Iraq has become better without Sadam Husein, after the Arab Spring they said that Libya is better without the Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Their dream was to witness Syria a ruin and to stand on its remains and the corpses of the victims to say that Syria has become better without the President Bashar Al-Assad. The goal of this equation is to mobilize the memory of those who do not want the previous situation within the context of not being able to say that no, it is not true, the situation was better before. So today who dare in Iraq, Libya, or in Afghanistan to say to the Americans that despite of all the death, the rampant terrorism, and the chaos that controls everything, yes, the situation was not good or ideal with Taliban nor with Saddam Husein nor with Muammar Gaddafi, where the evaluation of the eras of those is worth a separate search, but it is certain that the situation is not better with your false and hypocrite efforts and endeavors in the name of the human rights, democracy, preventing the weapons of mass destruction and combating the terrorism.
The US President stood the day before yesterday to say that the situation after the end of the Cold War has become better and safer, he added, the threat of the nuclear confrontation and the major wars has gone, the democracies have spread and doubled. He supposed that the whole world must stand and clap for the philosopher of his era and the maker of the peace miracles Barack Obama. But before discussing what Obama wants us to be convinced with without discussion, and before he gets our acceptance for it as conjecture and axiom that are not subject to discussion around the safest world, it is our right to ask; the end of the Cold War is the accomplishment which Obama wanted us to be boast of as a title for thirty years of the global politics. So can Obama after the world has become at the hands of the government of his country which celebrates its victory on having control over the world and calls it the completion of the end of the Cold War, while it meant by the end of the Cold War its success in dismantling the Soviet Union and the collapse of status of Russia as a superpower that participates with America and competes it for the leadership of the world, to tell us that his government is the global government for three decades, so what has prevented it from resolving the oldest unresolved issue for seventy years; the Palestinian Cause. The failure here is earlier and later of the Cold War, it is due to a famous saying of Obama commenting on the refusal of the Head of the government of the cobweb; Benjamin Netanyahu the project of the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for peace by saying I will not exert pressure on Netanyahu.
In return how it became possible to accept Iran having a nuclear program after sanctions and siege for three decades, in conditions which were possible to accept them without affliction, dislodgment and the starvation of millions of the Iranians, and how Cuba which was under siege for half a century ago as the plague of the American continent has become possible to be coexisted with it in conditions that were available always. Why did not that happen but only after
the Cold War has returned, and was it necessary this torture for the Cubans, till the return of the Cold War imposes the openness on them. The talk about its return is of US origin and from the center of Obama administration commenting on the return of Russia strongly to the international arena. So if we consider the peace achievements of Obama and the government of his country as the understanding with Iran and the openness on Cuba, we will notice that it is due to the return of the Cold War and not for its end. Thus the first conclusion is that Israel remained above law before and after the Cold War, and that the US protection for its crimes and occupation was not because of the war on the communism and the need for its military and geographical position, where the US openness and the adoption of the language of negotiation, politics, and diplomacy were not in the American dictionary in the time of the rise of the American power and its uniqueness, but this emergence has been linked with the retreat of this power and the return of Russia to emerge as a rising power, and what the Americans have described it as the return of the Cold War.
In discussing the words of Obama about a safer world with the end of the Cold War, we have to put aside the myth that dismantling the Soviet Union, and defaming the status of Russia have formed a guarantee that there is no a nuclear war. From one hand the mutual deterrence has formed and forms the guarantee for not occurring such of this war. On the other hand, the danger of using the nuclear weapons in the phase of chaos after the disintegration of the countries of the former Soviet Union was bigger than the phase of the sticking to the decision of using this weapon within the major equation of the a strong coherent superpower, and according to what was issued by US reports in the nineties that reflect this concern, in addition to the public statements of the US officials. On the other hand the nuclear weapons have not been used but only when America monopolized using it without control, as has happened in the Second World War. So if the world has to be concerned then it has to worry whenever America approaches from restoring this uniqueness. In comparison the security of the world between the Cold War which ended with the fall of Berlin wall and the Cold War which returned with the storm of Sukhoi it is enough to compare the reports of the United Nations about the numbers of the victims of the wars which America has ignited, most recently is the wars of what it called the Arab Spring, the numbers of the refugees, and the ratio of the extremism and the terrorism. They are according to the admission of the US officials of American industry par excellence according to the theory of let your enemy kills your other enemy because you do not have the ability to make blood, while both of them have. The US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski in the eighties has formed Al Qaeda organization on basis of this theory with the cooperation with Bandar Bin Sultan to confront the Soviet entry to Afghanistan. The American long film is still continuous.
Quite simply, Obama can ask the housewives in the world about comparing their feeling of security and the familial, social, and financial security between the seventies and nowadays. The phase of the Cold War and the phase of its end, the answer will be O those days, the salary had a value, the family had a value, the morals had a value, the security had a value, the education had a value, the music, singing, festivals and weddings had value, and the philosophy, politics, press, and religion had value, because what has won with the end of the Cold War is the US phase, the time of corruption and drugs, the trivial music and the low art, the moral deviations, the mythical superstitions have won on religions, the death on life, the chaos on stability, hatred on love, the propaganda on philosophy, the fraud on seriousness and productivity, the empty appearances on
education, learning, and sticking to values, the dead individualism on the spirit of the familial, national and humanitarian community. The luxury and the extravagance have won on the conviction, the joy, the arrogance and the boast on doing good and humility. All of these are achievements that Obama can impute to the era in which his country leads the world, even the beauty standards of the supermodels and the culture of Hollywood triumphed over the spirit of feminism, so are these the sources to say that the world has become better, nicer, or safer, or a source of confidence, hope, and optimism?
The gorgeousness and the hope of goodness will return to the world because the Cold War is recurrent Mr. Obama.
Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

 سيد أوباما: العالم  كان أكثر أمناً في الحرب البادرة

ناصر قنديل– درج الأميركيون في خبرتهم المتراكمة مع مهنة غسل الأدمغة ورمي المصطلحات وترويجها، على تسويق معادلة طالما يلجأون إليها لتغطية جرائمهم، فقالوا بعد حربَيْ أفغانستان والعراق، ومسؤوليتهم عن قتل وتشريد الملايين، إنّ أفغانستان أفضل بلا طالبان، وإنّ العراق بات أفضل بلا صدام حسين، وبعد الربيع العربي قالوا عن ليبيا إنها أفضل بلا العقيد معمر القذافي، وكان حلمهم أن يشهدوا سورية خراباً ويقفوا على أطلالها وأشلاء الضحايا ليقولوا إنّ سورية صارت أفضل بدون الرئيس بشار الأسد، والهدف من هذه المعادلة حشد ذاكرة الذين لا يريدون الوضع السابق في خانة عدم التجرّؤ على القول لا ليس صحيحاً، الوضع كان من قبل أفضل، فمن يجرؤ في العراق اليوم أو في ليبيا أو في أفغانستان، أن يقول رغم كلّ الموت والإرهاب المتفشي والفوضى المسيطرة على كلّ شيء، أن يقول للأميركيين، نعم الوضع لم يكن جيداً ولا مثالياً مع طالبان ولا مع صدام حسين ولا مع معمر القذافي، وتقييم كلّ من عهود هؤلاء يستحق بحثاً منفصلاً، لكن الأكيد أنّ الوضع ليس أفضل مع جهودكم ومساعيكم الكاذبة والمنافقة باسم حقوق الإنسان والديمقراطية ومنع أسلحة الدمار الشامل ومحاربة الإرهاب.

– يقف الرئيس الأميركي أمس ليقول إنّ الوضع بعد نهاية الحرب الباردة، قد صار أفضل وأكثر أمناً، ويضيف لقد زال خطر المواجهة النووية، والحروب الكبرى، وانتشرت الديمقراطيات وتضاعفت، ويفترض أن يقف العالم كله ويصفق لفيلسوف عصره صانع معجزات السلام باراك أوباما، وقبل مناقشة ما يريد أوباما إقناعنا به بلا نقاش، بل أن ينتزع قبولنا به كبديهية ومسلمة لا تناقش حول العالم الأشدّ أمناً، من حقنا أن نسأل ونهاية الحرب البادرة هي الإنجاز الذي يريد أوباما أن يباهي به كعنوان لثلاثين سنة من السياسة العالمية، فهل يملك أوباما وقد صار العالم بين يدي حكومة بلاده أن يخبرنا، أنّ حكومته التي تحتفل بنصرها بالسيطرة على العالم وتسمّيها إنجاز نهاية الحرب الباردة، وهي تقصد بنهاية الحرب الباردة نجاحها بتفكيك الاتحاد السوفياتي وانهيار مكانة روسيا كدولة عظمى تشارك أميركا وتنافسها على زعامة العالم، هي الحكومة العالمية لثلاثة عقود، فما الذي منعها من حلّ أقدم قضية عالقة منذ سبعين سنة، وهي القضية الفلسطينية، والفشل هنا سابق ولاحق للحرب الباردة، ومردّه قول شهير لأوباما تعليقاً على رفض رئيس حكومة بيت العنكبوت بنيامين نتنياهو مشروع وزيرة الخارجية الأميركية هيلاري كلينتون للسلام، بقوله لن أضغط على نتنياهو.

– في المقابل كيف صار ممكناً قبول إيران نووية بعد عقوبات وحصار ثلاثة عقود، بشروط كان ممكناً قبولها دون عذاب وتشريد وتجويع ملايين الإيرانيين، وكيف صارت كوبا المحاصرة منذ نصف قرن بصفتها طاعون القارة الأميركية، صار ممكناً التعايش معها بشروط كانت متاحة دائماً، ولماذا لم يحدث هذا إلا بعدما عادت الحرب الباردة؟ وهل كان ضرورياً كلّ هذا التعذيب للكوبيين، حتى تتكفل عودة الحرب الباردة بفرض الانفتاح عليهم، والحديث عن عودتها هنا أميركي المنشأ ومن قلب إدارة أوباما تعقيباً على عودة روسيا بقوة إلى الساحة الدولية، فإذا حسبنا لأوباما وحكومة بلاده إنجازات سلام كالتفاهم مع إيران والانفتاح على كوبا، فسوف نحسبها لعودة الحرب البادرة وليس لنهايتها، لتصير الخلاصة الأولى أنّ «إسرائيل» بقيت فوق القانون قبل الحرب الباردة وبعدها، ولم تكن الحماية الأميركية لجرائمها واحتلالها بسبب الحرب على الشيوعية والحاجة لموقعها العسكري الجغرافي، وأنّ الانفتاح الأميركي واعتماد لغة التفاوض والسياسة والدبلوماسية لم تكن في القاموس الأميركي في زمن صعود القوة الأميركية وتفرّدها، بل إنّ هذا الظهور جاء مرتبطاً بتراجع هذه القوة وعودة روسيا للظهور كقوة صاعدة وما وصفه الأميركيون بعودة الحرب البادرة.

– في مناقشة كلام أوباما عن عالم أكثر أمناً بنهاية الحرب الباردة، لا بدّ من أن نضع جانباً أكذوبة أنّ تفكيك الاتحاد السوفياتي وضرب مكانة روسيا شكلا ضمانة عدم وقوع حرب نووية، فمن جهة الردع المتبادل هو الذي شكل ويشكل الضمانة لعدم وقوع هذه الحرب، ومن جهة ثانية فإنّ خطر استخدام السلاح النووي في زمن الفوضى بعد تفكك دول الاتحاد السوفياتي السابق كان أكبر من زمن الإمساك بقرار استخدام هذا السلاح، ضمن المعادلة الكبرى لدولة عظمى قوية ومتماسكة، وفقاً لما صدر من تقارير أميركية في التسعينيات تعكس هذا القلق ومن تصريحات علنية للمسؤولين الأميركيين، من جهة ثالثة لم يستخدم السلاح النووي إلا يوم تفرّدت أميركا باستخدامه بلا رادع يقلقها، كما جرى في الحرب العالمية الثانية، فإن كان للعالم أن يقلق فعليه القلق كلما اقتربت أميركا من استعادة هذه الفرادة. وبالمقارنة على كلّ حال لأمن العالم بين الحرب الباردة التي غادرت مع سقوط جدار برلين، والحرب الباردة التي عادت مع عاصفة السوخوي، تكفي مقارنة تقارير الأمم المتحدة عن أعداد ضحايا الحروب التي أشعلتها أميركا وآخرها حروب ما سمّته بالربيع العربي، وأعداد اللاجئين، ونسبة التطرف والإرهاب، وهما باعتراف مسؤولين أميركيين كبار صناعة أميركية بامتياز، وفقاً لنظرية دع عدوك يقتل عدوك الآخر، لأنك لا تملك القدرة على بذل الدماء، وكلاهما يملكها، التي أسس مستشار الأمن القومي الأميركي في الثمانينيات، زبيغنيو بريجنسكي، تنظيم القاعدة على أساسها بالتعاون مع بندر بن سلطان لمواجهة الدخول السوفياتي إلى أفغانستان، ولا يزال الفيلم الأميركي الطويل مستمراً.

– ببساطة شديدة، يستطيع أوباما أن يستفتي سيدات البيوت في العالم عن مقارنة شعورهن بالأمن والأمان العائلي والاجتماعي والمالي، بين السبعينيات واليوم، زمن الحرب الباردة وزمن نهايتها، وسيكون الجواب رزق الله على أيام زمان، كان للراتب قيمة، وللأسرة قيمة، وللأخلاق قيمة، وللأمن قيمة، وكان للتعليم قيمة، وكان للموسيقى والغناء والأعياد والأعراس قيمة، وكان للفلسفة والسياسة والصحافة والدين قيمة، لأنّ الذي انتصر مع نهاية الحرب الباردة هو الزمن الأميركي، زمن الفساد والمخدرات، والموسيقى التافهة والفن الهابط، والانحرافات الأخلاقية، فانتصرت الشعوذات الخرافية على الأديان، والموت على الحياة، والفوضى على الاستقرار، والكراهية على الحب، والبروباغندا على الفلسفة، والغش على الجدية والإنتاجية، والمظاهر الفارغة على الثقافة والتعلم والتمسك بالقيم، والفردية الميتة بلا روح على روح الجماعة العائلية والوطنية والإنسانية، وانتصر البذخ والترف على القناعة والفرح، والتعالي والتباهي على فعل الخير والتواضع، كلها إنجازات يستطيع أوباما نسبتها للحقبة التي تقود فيها بلاده العالم، حتى مقاييس الجمال المعلبة مع عارضات الأزياء وثقافة هوليوود انتصرت على روح الأنوثة، فهل هي مصادر للقول إنّ العالم صار أفضل أو أجمل أو أكثر أمناً أو مصدراً للثقة والأمل والتفاؤل؟

– يعود البهاء للعالم والأمل بخير مقبل، لأنّ الحرب الباردة عائدة مستر أوباما.

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The Wandering Jew

the wandering jew.jpg
By Gilad Atzmon
This time back to Germany.  Reuters reported yesterday that
“…for London rabbi Julia Neuberger, Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has had a very personal impact: she has decided to seek German citizenship, laying to rest her family’s painful legacy of the Nazi era.”
It seems that
“…a significant number of Jewish Britons whose dismay over Brexit has led them to invoke a German law allowing people stripped of German citizenship by the Nazis between 1933 and 1945, and their descendants, to have it restored.”
But here’s the good news. Rabbi Neuberger feels she finally has made her peace with Germany. If only we had known that all it takes for a Jew to forgive Germany and to put the Holocaust behind is a bit of British patriotism well, we could have saved ourselves a lot of time and energy.  And by the way, if the Jews are now returning to Germany, maybe we Brits can reclaim their Imperial War Museum, now reduced to a permanent holocaust shrine.
But why does the Rabbi and other Jews want to be Germans again? The answer lies in the ‘Wandering’. Jews just love to travel and, as Rabbi Neuberger said:
“German passport holds the promise of a future with full access to the EU and its practical benefits such as freedom to travel” and she went on to say “We can then live and work anywhere in a bloc that has 27 other nations – rights that Britons may no longer enjoy after Brexit is enacted.”
Astonishingly enough, the Rabbi is a member of the House of Lords. Now, I could be wrong but is her behaviour here the kind of patriotism one would expect from a British Lord?  Rabbi Neuberger offers an explanation. Deep inside, she is admits to be German: “there is some German in me after all and it goes very deep,” she said.
Reuters suggests that 
“It is a remarkable twist of history that Jews who lost family members in the Holocaust are now using such old documents to obtain modern Germany’s maroon-colored passports.”
No, it’s not remarkable at all. Berlin has been attracting Israelis for at least a decade.
Julia Neuberger with her grandmother's J-stamped passport (Photo: Reuters)
Julia Neuberger with her grandmother’s J-stamped passport (Photo: Reuters)
Apparently the Rabbi is not going to flee immediately. “Like other British Jews seeking German citizenship, Neuberger intends to stay in Britain.”  I suppose this is because there is just too much for the Rabbi to lose.  Rabbi Neuberger’s family has reached prominence in Britain’s public life – “her husband is a leading academic and her brothers-in-law include the president of the supreme court.”
And the Rabbi is not alone. Michael Newman, chief executive of the Association of Jewish Refugees told Reuters
“We all don’t know what the future will hold and want to make sure that we, but also mainly our children, continue to have access to Europe.”
So, is it not the case that here Newman expresses the true meaning of Jewish Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The Jews are always ready and waiting for the next Shoah and the take-home message is clear: rootedness and dwelling are probably not characteristics associated with Jewish culture and identity. Wandering is and remains a prime Jewish trait.